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Grants awarded

We are delighted to announce that grants totalling £9,500 have been awarded to local organisations this year.

Grant recipients were invited along to The Harwellian yesterday evening to accept their grants and to explain how their organisation and the local community would benefit.

We are immensely proud that we were able to do this and would like to thank everyone who was involved in the 2023 Feast – sponsors, volunteers and supporters!

Grant requests – applications considered & surplus allocated

The committee met last night (6 September) to discuss the allocation of the surplus raised. Many applications for grants were received, each were discussed and the final allocations agreed upon. The applicants have been informed today, if you sent in an application but have not heard from us please do get in touch.

The AGM will be held on 18 October 2023 and the grant recipients have been invited to join us afterwards to share how they will spend the grant.

The date for the 2023 quiz was also agreed – Friday 24 November 2023 7.30pm. Check back here for more information.

Grant applications are now open!

Although the cost of staging the event has increased significantly this year we are delighted to say that the 2023 Feast was successful in raising funds available for distribution. This was possible due to generous sponsorship and a record number of visitors on the day.

Harwell organisations and others whose activities substantially benefit the residents of Harwell are invited to submit an application for funding.

Please either complete this form, send us an email or write to us at 8 Fidler’s Orchard, Harwell, OX11 0FR.

The information needed to enable an informed decision is:

  • Name of organisation
  • Amount applied for
  • Description of item
  • Weblinks / quotes to support the cost
  • Explanation of how the item will benefit Harwell residents
  • Timescales of spending the grant
  • Your involvement in the 2023 Feast

The closing date for applications is 31 August 2023. We will consider all applications at our meeting scheduled for 6 September 2023 and aim to respond to all applicants within a week. It is expected that the grants will be issued on 20 September 2023.

Harwell Feast in the News

There is a fantastic write up in the June 2023 edition of the Harwell News, thanks Harwell News Ed for putting it together and sharing photos of such a brilliant day.

Click here to view on line or here to download a pdf.

The article includes brief instructions to submit your claim for grants by 31 August 2023. Further instructions will be posted by the end of June.

Driving to the Feast

We have heard that there may be significant disruption on the A34 due to roadworks, please plan your route accordingly to save disappointment.

There is a large car park accessed by turning left from Reading Road as approached from Rowstock roundabout:

Please do not attempt to turn right into the car park from Reading Road as this will create significant traffic jams at the busiest times of day.

Look out for the large overhead sign marking the pedestrian access point at the side of the field:

The Reading Road vehicle access point is ‘Entrance Only’. Upon exiting the car park you will be directed through the gap in the treeline, through the recreation ground and towards Wantage Road.

Please park and drive safely with consideration to pedestrians and other vehicles.

Who is at the Feast this year

We are pleased to share with you the details of the local businesses that are exhibiting at the Feast this year. There is a huge variety both outside and in the marquee.

  • Click on this link to see the full list of craft stalls.
  • Click on this link to find the list of local artists exhibiting.
  • Looking for food ‘to go’ to satisfy your hunger needs, click here.
  • Local community groups have stalls outside, find out more about them here.
  • We also have a selection of charities in attendance both local and national. Click here to find out more.

Feast Day Road Closure

To enable the safe passage of the parade through the village the following roads will be closed between 10.55am and 11.45am on Monday 29 May 2023.

  • High Street, from the junction with Burr Street to the junction with Wantage Road.
  • Wantage Road, from the junction with High Street to the junction with A417 Reading Road.

We apologise in advance for any inconvenience that this may cause.

This temporary closure has been granted by VOWHDC. It does not apply to any emergency services vehicles.